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Green Crescent Addiction Prevention Practitioner Training Program was held for Country Green Crescents!

The International Federation of Green Crescent hosted an online training session regarding the Green Crescent Addiction Prevention Practitioner Training Program for Country Green Crescents from July 24-26. Expert volunteers from 19 countries, including Austria, Azerbaijan, Botswana, Palestine, Gambia, South Africa, Kyrgyzstan, TRNC, North Macedonia, Malaysia, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Rwanda, Serbia, Somalia, Tanzania, Greece and Zimbabwe, participated in the training program. By the end of the program, 50 participants earned certification as Green Crescent Addiction Prevention Training Program practitioners.

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Addiction is the loss of control over an object or action that an individual uses, leading them to be unable to live without it. In other words, willpower diminishes in usage and behavior and the person continues the addictive usage or behavior whether they want to or not. Technology addiction is the condition where technology controls a person. The misuse of technology negatively affects individuals' physical, psychological, social, intellectual and spiritual development. The International Federation of Green Crescent (IFGC) acknowledges the importance of technology in our daily lives but emphasizes that technology addiction is a critical risk for modern individuals. Consequently, Country Green Crescents which are members of the International Federation of Green Crescent are globally tackling technology addiction.

Who controls people?

In today's world, human life is rapidly digitizing and the rational use of digital devices greatly facilitates life. However, excessive use of digital devices can deplete the benefits gained, rapidly deplete time and well-being and even lead to technology addiction. Digital devices such as phones, computers, smart devices and gaming consoles have become an integral part of our lives, and spending hours using them has become a normal habit for many people.

Perceiving this abnormal behavior as normal leads many individuals to continue their lives without even realizing they are developing addiction to technology. Technology addiction is the condition where technology controls a person.


What are the Symptoms of Technology Addiction?

It should cause significant distress and impairment in functionality from a clinical perspective. Some symptoms of technology addiction include:

• Spending hours claiming it's just a few minutes

• Lying about the time spent in front of screens to others

• Complaining about physical problems due to prolonged computer use

• Adopting an anonymous persona, preferring online communication over face-to-face

• Sacrificing meals, classes or appointments to go online

• Feeling guilty when away from the computer but experiencing pleasure and oscillating between these two feelings

• Feeling tense and vacant when away from their computers

• Staying on the computer until late at night

What are the Effects of Technology Addiction?

Technology addiction can lead to increased physical complaints in the social field for individuals. Some of these complaints include:

Physical Complaints

• Burning eyes

• Neck pain and stiffness

• Posture problems

• Numbness in the hands

• Fatigue

Social Complaints

• Decreased academic achievement

• Personal, family and school problems

• Failure in time management

• Sleep disorders

• Lack of appetite

• Decrease in activities

• Isolation except for online friends

+Methods to Control Addiction

• Change daily internet usage hours

• Prepare weekly schedules for internet usage and ensure adherence

• Implement methods such as support groups or family therapy

• Encourage writing activities that the individual wants to do but hasn't found the opportunity for and ask them to do one of those activities when they strongly desire to use the internet

What to Do?

Key points in preventing technology addiction include:

• Directing children to meet their friends naturally and socialize within peer groups

• Directing children to sports that match their talents and interests

• Supporting children's friendships, planning activities that bring them together

• Controlling a child's computer usage and getting to know their online friends

• Ensuring secure internet applications on computers

What Not to Do?

Some points to be careful about in preventing technology addiction are:

• Never using devices like smartphones/tablets to comfort or silence children

• Not allowing children to use the internet without control for an extended period

• Not serving a child in front of a computer during meal and tea times, encouraging them to join you

How Do Green Crescent Counseling Centers Support Technology Addiction?

Green Crescent Counseling Centers provide free support to individuals aged 12 and over to overcome technology addiction. Meetings are held with both the individual and their family. The main goal of these meetings is to reduce smartphone use, online gaming and internet usage to levels that will not adversely affect the individual's life.

"Children or tablets are a good way to keep children busy."

When phones and tablets are used under family control, they benefit your children. However, when used alone for long hours without family control, it can lead to problems such as attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, speech disorders, anger and aggression.

Undoubtedly, reaching the point of addiction does not happen suddenly; it progresses step by step. These steps are serious and important signs that addiction is developing. Therefore, monitoring and controlling these steps are crucial to prevent and stop addiction before it starts.

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The International Federation of Green Crescent recently held its inaugural webinar, titled "The Art of Fundraising," as part of its Capacity Building Program. This initiative aims to help Country Green Crescents more effectively access international and regional funding sources. The webinar, held on December 21, 2023, brought together 55 representatives from 24 countries and featured insights from five distinguished speakers across two sessions. The first session, "Fundraising Strategies and Opportunities for NGOs", included presentations by Matej Kosir from UTRIP and Jan Peloza from Impact Hub. The second session, "Empowering Fundraising Capacity in NGOs," featured a presentation by Dr. Mohammed Tariq Sonnan from UNODC. This was followed by exchanging experience from Dr. Ahmed Fairuz Bin Mohamed, President of Green Crescent Malaysia; Dr. Tajudeen Abiola, Secretary General of Green Crescent Nigeria; and Dr. Mousa Daoud, President of Green Crescent Jordan. In a poignant moment during the program, we honored Dr. Omar Farwana, President of Green Crescent Palestine, who tragically lost his life along with his family during the Gaza attacks on October 15. A commemoration speech and a short film were presented in his memory. The International Federation of Green Crescent will continue its webinar series under the Capacity Building Program, aiming to guide and support Country Green Crescents in effectively utilizing international and regional funding sources and enhancing their overall capacities.

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