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Green Crescent Addiction Prevention Practitioner Training Program was held for Country Green Crescents!

The International Federation of Green Crescent hosted an online training session regarding the Green Crescent Addiction Prevention Practitioner Training Program for Country Green Crescents from July 24-26. Expert volunteers from 19 countries, including Austria, Azerbaijan, Botswana, Palestine, Gambia, South Africa, Kyrgyzstan, TRNC, North Macedonia, Malaysia, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Rwanda, Serbia, Somalia, Tanzania, Greece and Zimbabwe, participated in the training program. By the end of the program, 50 participants earned certification as Green Crescent Addiction Prevention Training Program practitioners.

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International Green Crescent Journal is a publication that provides a scientific platform for the addiction prevention and shares information on addiction at the international level. In addition to articles on research, studies and innovations on addiction, the journal also presents expert opinions and experience sharing. Interviews and articles by Country Green Crescents that are member of the Federation also constitute one of the important contents of the journal. 

The journal contributes to the development of effective strategies in addiction prevention by promoting the exchange of information among researchers, health professionals and related organizations at the international level. It is one of the first reference sources not only for specialists but also for anyone who wants to learn about addiction.

The articles published in the journal cover various topics related to addiction. Different types of addiction such as substance addiction, alcohol addiction, tobacco addiction, technology addiction and gambling addiction, as well as causes, effects, prevention strategies, treatment methods and rehabilitation processes are discussed in the journal. The journal also provides up-to-date information on projects and programs carried out by IFGC, Country Green Crescents and various institutions and organizations at the global level.

The website of the International Green Crescent Journal is an ideal resource for accessing the journal's publications and the most up-to-date information on addiction. The website has a user-friendly interface and presents previous issues of the journal, article abstracts, and information about the authors. There is also information about the publication policies and submission process for researchers who wish to submit manuscripts to the journal.

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