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Green Crescent Addiction Prevention Practitioner Training Program was held for Country Green Crescents!

The International Federation of Green Crescent hosted an online training session regarding the Green Crescent Addiction Prevention Practitioner Training Program for Country Green Crescents from July 24-26. Expert volunteers from 19 countries, including Austria, Azerbaijan, Botswana, Palestine, Gambia, South Africa, Kyrgyzstan, TRNC, North Macedonia, Malaysia, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Rwanda, Serbia, Somalia, Tanzania, Greece and Zimbabwe, participated in the training program. By the end of the program, 50 participants earned certification as Green Crescent Addiction Prevention Training Program practitioners.

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As the International Green Crescent Movement, we carry out important campaigns to raise awareness and support addiction prevention on a global level. Our international campaigns, which aim to reach the entire society, especially the younger generations, focus on healthy living and raise awareness about the harms of addiction. These campaigns aim to help individuals make healthy life choices and reduce their risk of addiction.

The main objectives of our campaigns are as follows:

1. Raising Awareness: Our international campaigns aim to raise public awareness by highlighting the harms of addiction. Using the internet, social media, television and other communication channels, we emphasize the effects of addiction, its negative consequences on people and the importance of society being aware of addiction-related problems.

2. Supporting Preventive Work: Our campaigns support efforts to prevent addiction. In this context, we provide trainings especially for young people on healthy life skills, stress management, staying away from harmful habits and developing positive friendships. We also provide informative materials for families and educators to help them contribute to preventive efforts for young people.

3. Prevent Labeling: Our campaigns aim to reduce stigmatization, which is an important obstacle in the addiction prevention. We emphasize that addiction is a disease and that individuals with addiction should be supported.

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