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Green Crescent Addiction Prevention Practitioner Training Program was held for Country Green Crescents!

The International Federation of Green Crescent hosted an online training session regarding the Green Crescent Addiction Prevention Practitioner Training Program for Country Green Crescents from July 24-26. Expert volunteers from 19 countries, including Austria, Azerbaijan, Botswana, Palestine, Gambia, South Africa, Kyrgyzstan, TRNC, North Macedonia, Malaysia, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Rwanda, Serbia, Somalia, Tanzania, Greece and Zimbabwe, participated in the training program. By the end of the program, 50 participants earned certification as Green Crescent Addiction Prevention Training Program practitioners.

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As the International Green Crescent Federation (IGCF), we work for public health. We strive on behalf of all individuals without discrimination. We are a network of civil society organizations (CSOs) working towards the preservation, provision, and empowerment of community health, with the goal of ensuring dignified lives for everyone from 7 to 70.

1.    Campaigns and Social Awareness Activities:
Country Green Crescents conduct communication and visibility campaigns to increase societal awareness about addiction prevention. They aim to reach the entire community, with a particular focus on children and youth. They collaborate with various organizations including government agencies, universities, other civil society organizations, and private sector entities. They organize various social events and campaigns.

2.    Educational Programs:
Country Green Crescents organize comprehensive education and awareness programs to increase awareness about addiction in society. These programs educate about the harms of addiction, provide information about risk factors and harmful habits, and promote healthy lifestyle skills. This enables individuals to become conscious and knowledgeable about addiction, acquire tools to reduce risks, and make healthy choices.

3.    Supportive Services:
Country Green Crescents provide supportive services in the fight against addiction. These services serve as important resources for individuals and families combating addiction. Services such as counseling, therapy, rehabilitation, and support groups are offered to provide support in addiction recovery. Country Green Crescents strive to increase the accessibility of these services and provide quality support.

4.    International Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing:
Country Green Crescents promote collaboration and knowledge sharing in the international fight against addiction. These organizations engage with Green Crescents or similar organizations from other countries on international platforms to share best practices, transfer experiences, and develop joint projects. This facilitates the sharing of information and resources among countries.

5.    Research and Data Collection:
Country Green Crescents contribute significantly to research and data collection efforts in the fight against addiction. These organizations work on collecting, analyzing, and disseminating data related to addiction. This data serves as a valuable resource on the prevalence, risk factors, effects, and treatment methods of addiction. It helps policymakers, healthcare professionals, and other stakeholders base their decisions on scientific evidence.

6.    Advocacy and Policy Change:
Country Green Crescents advocate for policy change and regulations in the fight against addiction. These organizations identify urgent needs in addiction prevention, inform policymakers, and work towards effective regulations. They play a significant role in developing national strategies for addiction prevention. By closely collaborating with policymakers, they provide strategic recommendations in areas such as preventive measures, early intervention methods, treatment, and rehabilitation services, and support the implementation of these strategies.

7.    Projects and Fundraising Activities:
Country Green Crescents conduct fundraising efforts to provide the necessary resources for combating addiction. They support through methods such as donation drives, sponsorship agreements, and donor relations. Additionally, they develop various projects related to addiction and secure funding by applying for national and international project calls. They establish strong collaborations with stakeholders from various sectors including government, civil society, and the private sector to implement their projects and focus on the sustainability of addiction prevention activities.

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